Word Wednesday (February 8th, 2017)

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Feeling like the weight of the world is bearing down on you? Like you are being pulled in a thousand different directions? Sometimes it is easy to forget that God is bigger than our problems when our struggles seem so big.

In this episode of Word Wednesday Wyatt McIntyre talks about when it seems like it is all too much, and we want to give 100 percent to everything but it feels like we are maybe giving 20 percent here or 10 percent there, and its just not enough. During these times it is important to bring it to God, to take the time to pray, to study the Word, to lay it at His feet and let him lead you were you need to be. The solution isn’t going to be found by turning to ourselves. It is going to be found when we turn our hearts and minds to God and let Him lead us to where we need to be.

So join us for a new Episode as we delve into the Word of the Lord and seek its guiding light in our lives day by day, challenge by challenge, letting our Heavenly Father lead us where we need to be in the love that He has for us.

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