This Weeks Devotion

This Week I had the intention of finishing the series on The Rich Man and Lazarus, having taken last week off. Yet, as we observe another Veterans Day today, I thought it was particularly important to take the time to truly remember and honor our men and women in uniform for rich blessing that they are. Our Veterans, we must remember, are the defenders of that freedom we have been endowed by our Creator with. Asking for nothing, they willingly give everything in love and hope for others. Without them we would not worship freely, the price of the cross would be a burden that many would find too heavy to bear and we would be subjected to oppression and captivity. Yet, just as Christ died to conquer sin, death and the Devil, setting us free, so our Troops willingly step into harms way, sacrificing everything to defend that freedom.

Take the time today to honor our troops, observe a moment of silence for those who have fallen.

I will finish the Rich Man and Lazarus next week, until then here is my Devotion for Veterans Day 2016. God bless you, God bless our Troops, never forget their sacrifice and never stop cherishing it.


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