The Launch of a New Devotion Series

3335984783929b89406078f0d76555d4With the end of the series on Abram/Abraham and God’s promise of an heir, this week a new devotion series is launching based on Christ’s parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus. During the first week I am starting an exploration as to why the Rich Man was damned to the torment that he faced in this well-known story from our Savior and what it means for our lives as the faithful children of God given to be imitators of Christ in every aspect of our walk. What does God want us to do with our blessings? Who does He want us to be with the gifts that He gives us? How are we to reflect His righteousness in our lives and our daily walks, giving ourselves over to the expectations that He has for us?

You can listen to this devotion by clicking here. Also remember that it is free on iTunes however you listen to podcasts. As always the full archive of my podcast devotions can be found on this site in the Devotions sections, including the full Heir for Abram Series, parts one through six.

God bless,



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