Prayer: Grant Me Wisdom O Lord

Lord, I look but I don’t always understand, I seek but I don’t always find. In a dark world so often the foggy haze of this life clouds my vision, clouding my thoughts as truth and wisdom become ever elusive to me. I search for answers, I pursue understanding but there are times when they are just so far distant, far removed that I wonder if I will ever find what it is that I am looking for. In so many ways, I just find that I, on my own, am so inadequate as I find my own knowledge insufficient to answer the deeper questions of my spirit and my soul.

Yet You, O Lord, in love and hope, promise that if I lack wisdom and discernment You will provide for me if I but come to you with a sincere heart. It is on this promise that I rely, knowing that You are always faithful, that You fulfil Your Word as You give freely to Your children, redeemed and reconciled to You through the blessed sacrifice of our dear Savior Christ Jesus.

Show me Your path as You answer the questions that weave themselves through my soul O Lord. Let Your Spirit descend upon me, that It may raise and uplift my soul, that it may remove the weight from my heart, and disperse the night that so cloud my vision and sight. Grant unto me Your wisdom and insight, show me Your ways and bind me to Your will that I may find comfort and peace in the knowledge that Your truth has brought me from where I was to where it is that I need to be in the love and the hope that You have for me.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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