Lord, spur me to action in love for others.

Heavenly Father, I look to the world around me and I see such hurt and pain, such sorrow and loss. It can be overwhelming as struggles and hardships come so easily, as they seem to just be everywhere a person looks, taking hold of people and weighing them down with crippling burdens they should never have to carry, let alone carry alone. I want to help, I want to give of myself to them in love and hope, in the compassion and the grace that You, through Your Son, my Savior, first taught me, but I don’t know where to start.

Take me then Lord, and, through the power of Your Holy Spirit, shape me. Take me and prepare me for the works that must be done. Remove from me all fear and doubt, and wash from me any apathy or arrogance that will stand in the way of me doing the works that must be done. Where I am weak make me strong for the good works that You have intended for me, where I selfish make me selfless, where I am ignorant enlighten me, transforming me in through the power of the Spirit to be who You need and want me to be in service to those around me.

As Christ has lived teach me now how to live, as He walked so to now guide my steps in service, duty and love to my brothers and sisters in humanity. By Your Holy Hand let my life now be a living, breathing testimony to my risen Savior, edifying and uplifting, healing, in hope and love, the broken spirits and the wounded lives as I am spurred to action by Your faith You have planted and nurtured within my soul.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Christ Jesus, Amen.

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