Prayer: Let me be willing to yield myself to You Lord

Lord, when challenges come and the path becomes difficult it is so easy to blame You for what has gone wrong, for what has become so hard in my life. I want everything to go according to my plan, I want it to go the way I thought it was going to play out, the way I had always thought it would happen. Yet, when it doesn’t I don’t necessarily stop to ask why, nor do I always stop to think, is this what You had planned for me. Instead, in my hurt and confusion, I find myself blaming You or questioning You, not entirely certain as to what else to do.

Yet, it isn’t You Lord. I haven’t listened as faithfully as I should have. I have been more inclined to listen to my own wants, my own desires, to follow my own ways before I listen to You and Your plan. I am prone to wander, convincing myself, in my vanity and my arrogance, that my plan is Your plan without fully turning myself over to You.

Move Your Holy Spirit within me O Lord, that It may soften my heart, that it may transform it according to who You are, and not who I may, at that ever fleeting moment, want You to be. Let It teach me to live as my dear Savior, Christ Jesus, who gave Himself over so completely to Your will and Your plan that He would sacrifice all of Himself to fulfill it. Take me, mold me, guide me, lead me that I will no longer be confined to my own understanding, as limited and flawed as they are, and I will be able to see the fuller, grander picture that You have woven for my life.

Put aside my weaknesses, O Lord, cast them from me, as You make me into the person I need to be that I may be the one who praises Your name in the understanding that through each of life’s struggles and adversity You are there to carry me to where I need to be.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my Savior, Christ Jesus, Amen.

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