Prayer: Take me from my vanity O Father

Heavenly Father, how often does my own vanity get in my way? How often do I let my own sense of entitlement encompass me, standing in the way of me truly and rightly understanding Your plans and Your desires for me?

I am a product of my sinful flesh, a sinful flesh that often times cannot look past its own wants and desires to see what I truly need. So often I take for granted the plan and design that You have laid out for me because it would mean putting aside my own understanding and relying on Yours, because I allow myself to be driven by my own judgments filled with my own weaknesses and flaws. So often it is me and me alone that stands in the way of a better life and a better path as I rely so heavily on myself because I don’t put it into Your hands, because I don’t trust You with it.

Take me then O Father. Look deep within my spirit and my soul, examine my heart and my mind, and chase from me the arrogance and pride, the entitlement and the self-importance that so often keeps me from reaching my full potential. Renew me in Your light and Your love as You carry me in hope and strength, teaching me to put it in Your hands and to trust in You more than I trust myself. Cast upon me Your Holy Spirit that I may be strengthened and preserved steadfast in Your ways, giving myself over completely to You.

I will go where You lead me, knowing there is more to my life when it is given to You. My hope, my every hope, rests in Your love, Your grace and Your mercy O Father. Preserve me then evermore in all humility as I put it in Your hand.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, Amen.

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