Prayer: Guide me towards a purpose O Lord

Lord, I am lost. I search for my purpose, and I struggle. For all that I seek and desire to do, I seem to drift so aimlessly without understanding who and what I am supposed to be. I want, so desperately, to know where I should be, where I need to be but I struggle as the challenges and the difficulties seem to overtake me, leaving me with more questions than answers for my life.

Show me then, O Lord. Where I cannot see, open my eyes to see Your plan and Your design. Where I cannot hear, open my ears to hear Your voice and Your calling. Where I cannot feel, open my heart that the washing floods of Your blessed assurances and promises may fill me, washing fear and doubt as they fill me with hope and confidence for the future. By Your Spirit, take me and lead me in strength, mercy and grace to those places where You desire for me to be in my life.

You have sought me. Through the life and death, through the perfect sacrifice of the Good Shepherd, Christ Jesus, You have sought me to bring me back as a lamb to Your fold, freeing me from the chains that would bind me in such brutal captivity. Now, I pray Lord, seek me once more that I may live according to Your will and I may be strengthened according to Your love, that I may use the talents and the gifts that You have given me for Your greater glory as Your purpose becomes my purpose.

Guide me, lead me, give me the endurance and the wisdom I need to run the race, O Lord, for, in Your love, nothing shall be shut off from me as I find my way through and in this world.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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