Prayer: Guide me that I may give of myself in love Lord

Lord, I have heard the words of Christ, they have commanded me to live in love as they have called for me to show compassion to those around me. So firmly, so deeply did He believe in a message of hope that He sacrificed so deeply, suffering torture and torment, death and the grave, descending to the depth of hell that He might conquer it for us, bringing us to the light of Your boundless grace in forgiveness and reconciliation.

I know I have not always lived by these words, nor by those actions that serve as the great example of humility and self-surrender. I have not given of myself as I should, I have not shown the understanding that those around me have needed. I have been impatient, and quick to anger. I have been known to offer a harsh word when kind was necessary, and have made excuses for behavior that should be have been called to repentance. I have fallen short in so many ways, as I have sought my own comfort first.

See these failings and these flaws within me O Lord. Look upon the places where I have stumbled and faltered and call me, work Your Spirit within me that I may do better, that I may be better. Take from me my arrogance and pride, my laziness and my conformity, take from me everything that would stand in the way of me living in Your judgment and by Your Word that I may speak with a true and sincere voice of love and compassion, that I may act with a sincere sense of hope and sacrifice for those around me. Renew me in Your Spirit that I may be the disciple of Christ that You desire me to be.

I have heard Your calling, I have heard the commands of my Messiah, and now I seek nothing more than to live within it, given to all which You have designed for me. Strengthen and preserve me, guiding me steadfast that I may be as You seek, forever after Your heart as I praise Your Holy Name.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my Savior, Christ Jesus, who first taught me to love in His love, Amen.

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