Prayer: Take from me fear, doubt and self-interest that I may truly follow You Lord

Lord, You have lead me from the captivity and the bondage of sin, death and the Devil. Through Christ Jesus the chains that have bound me, that wrapped so tightly around me in trial and temptation, have been shattered. I have, as the children of Israel once were, been freed from the sorrow and the anguish that so often would break my heart and shatter my spirit as, through the love of my Redeemer, I have been delivered.

Yet, so often, despite the grace, mercy and forgiveness I have been shown, I have failed to do what is right. I have not followed You as I should have though the deserts of this world. I have given myself over to the enticements of this world as I have held temporal temptations up above You. I have followed my own path before I have walked Yours, I have listened to my own voice even as I have heard Yours, I have made idols of possessions, of success, of that which is fleeting, when You have stood steadfast by my side.

Where I am weak then Lord, strengthen me. I cannot make this journey through this life without You, without the power of Your Holy Spirit preserving me and guiding me in Your ways. I cannot be who You have intended for me to be in Your love and hope without It moving through me, weaving itself through every part of my soul, drawing out the dark and hidden places within me that nothing shall exist except that which lives in Your light. I put myself completely in Your hands Lord, shape me, mold me, cast me to the fires of Your Spirit and temper me that I might be like iron, firm and unyielding, in Your hand.

I have faltered, O God, I know I have stumbled and fallen so often. Yet by You and through You I am capable of so much more as You work Your good in me, as I listen to Your voice calling me and, without question, or reservation, go where You lead me. Take me then and show me Your way, take from me all fear and doubt and self-interest as I am moved solely by You and Your blessed assurances, given in love for me.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my Savior Christ Jesus, Amen.

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