Prayer: Take me and guide me O Lord. Turn me from those ways I so often wander in O God

Lord, so often I am prone to wander. I know Your Word and I hear Your calling and yet, I venture in my own way and on my own course. I am, in so many ways, like Jonah, I let my feelings guide me more than Your promises. In my moments of fear and doubt, or anger and hatred, I let myself go to places I should not be as I struggle so deeply and profoundly to do what is right even though I know that You have told me that it is right.

How often must I look back on where I am and where I have been, realizing that by my own ways and my own knowledge, I have strayed far from where I need to be? How often must I look back and realize that I have taken the longer, more difficult way because I was too proud or too caught up in my own vanity, my own understanding to realize You would have lead me here without the pain and struggle I forced myself to endure?

Take me then Lord. Take me and lead me. I am Yours. Show me Your ways, and lead me according to Your peace. I give it all over to You, all that I have been, all that I am, all that I might ever be if You would just take me by the hand and bring me to where it is that You want me to be. Preserve me steadfast and evermore in Your Word as it brings light and love into my life, as You bring hope and grace into my existence, weaving it through my spirit and my soul in Your boundless mercy and limitless compassion. Show me who I might be through You as Your Holy Spirit restores me, as It strengthens and preserves me in Your walk and Your way.

I hand over the power to You Lord. Never fail me or forsake me, even though I have failed and forsaken You. Be now present with me that my life may give witness to the miracles that You can work in the lives of Your rebellious children. Be now present with as I stand before You ready to be all You have ever intended me to be in the blessed assurances of that salvation and redemption that comes now through the power of Your Son who reconciles me to You.

In the name of Christ Jesus, who has the power to draw even the most wretched back to You, I pray, Amen.

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