Prayer: Take me and guide me, leading me to my full potential O Lord

Lord, in Your mercy hear my prayers. I so often look to my life and it is filled with fear and challenges. I struggle with who I am and who it is that I want to be as I let doubt cast clouds over my mind, putting roadblocks in front of me. I let worry overwhelm me as it works through me, robbing me of the peace I might otherwise have in the decisions that need to be made and the choices that lay before me. It wages a war within me as I find myself unable to move forward, to do that which I know I should be doing, to use the gifts and the talents that You have woven into me to their fullest potential as I rest where I should work, failing to push myself where I need to go.

I need You. More than myself I need Your love and Your guidance. I need You to take my hand and lead me down the path. I need Your Spirit to move through me, removing from me the fear and the doubt, the worry and the concern that wraps itself around me, casting it deep from me. Only through You, only by You do I know that I have the strength as I throw the yokes that burden me, that crush me, keeping me down, unable to move from these places, to Your feet knowing that You will, in love, hope and mercy, break them. Only by You, only in You do I have the ability to reach my potential, to live to my fullest as You work Your will and Your plan in my life. Give unto me the endurance, the courage and the perseverance then to be who You have intended for me to be.

As Christ lived, with a full measure and confidence in Your assurances, willing to face every struggle and challenge with boldness so to teach me to live. Let the heart of my Savior dwell within me as I strive to live as He did, willing and able to be more than I appear in the wonders of Your love.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Redeemer, Christ Jesus, Amen.

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