Prayer: By Your love, in Your light O Christ

Blessed and Holy Redeemer, my strength and my salvation, draw me to Your side. Look upon my face, the face of a poor and lost sinner, held in bondage to sin, death and the Devil, chained to my corrupt nature. Yet, despite my unworthiness, I have been saved by Your grace and love. Without You, without Your mercy, I am but a broken individual left to wander through this life without hope as darkness and despair surrounds me. Without You I stumble and fall, left shattered amidst my iniquity and unrighteousness.

Now, as I feast upon Your Words, as I look upon Your Sacrifice, as Your life given so freely and unquestioningly, I pray that, by Your Spirit, You create in me a compassionate, charitable heart. Though You have healed me so completely I know I haven’t always brought healing to those around me. Though You have uplifted me from the depth of despair, I haven’t always been there to lift those who have fallen and have been hurt. Though You have loved me so completely without reservation, I have so often failed to love as I should. Work then a sincere change in my heart and soul, my spirit and mind, that I may be as You have taught me to be, that I may live in the courage and the strength to give freely and without question of myself.

Be now my light and my life, O Christ. Even as the Spirit calls to me I give myself to the Father in the perfect love, the wondrous grace and the boundless mercy of Your redemption and atonement. Take me now and lead me through this journey to the fullness of life that only You do bring.

In Your Holy and blessed name, Amen.

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