Prayer: From those who would in hate pervert Your name, defend us Lord

Lord God, I pray for wisdom and for strength in these trying times of difficulty and pain. We look to the world around me and I see those who would, for the sake of terror and fear, inflict the worst pain as they commit the most horrific of acts. They take on Your name and they claim to stand for Your cause, for Your righteousness and wrath as they commit acts so far removed from the love and the hope that You bring, that You, in mercy and grace, offer to Your children.

Preserve us steadfast in Your Word, defending true righteousness that we may look upon the face of those who would take up Your name in violence and hatred rightly. Defend us against those who would seek to take up Your cause in anger and hatred, perverting and destroying for their own purposes and their own meaning as they bring death and destruction through their actions. Comfort and protect those who have been touched by the actions of those who sow the seeds of chaos and pain, binding us to them in peace and unity as we draw nearer to them in love and compassion, in a spirit of humanity that stands for the true beauty of Your love.

Grant us the discernment we need to truly see and the courage to give freely of ourselves, to offer of ourselves in these times of need. Move us in Your Spirit that we may, in strife and struggle, guard and defend Your faith as a force for mercy and forgiveness, for righteousness and hope in a world so often given to the base and corrupt nature of mankind. Let no deception, let no manipulation overtake us as we stand upon the Rock of Your Truth, carried forward in the true beauty of Your promises, of Your hope and Your assurances.

In the name of Your Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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