Prayer: Protect us from terror, defend us in Your Mercy Lord

Lord God, Mighty Protector and Defender, we look to the world as it is and we see the sin and the iniquity of a lost and fallen people as violence and terror rip from so many their peace, comfort and hope. The battles, they rage as murder and destruction come so easily to some, leaving in their wake the shattered lives of both the living and the dead who have felt their grim touch. The pain they bring, the suffering and the sorrow, the fear and the horror that they carry with them, it seems like it is too much to bear as we see the crying faces over the broken bodies, and we struggle to make any sort of sense of all of it.

Though we know You are not accountable nor responsible for the pain inflicted by those who turn to terror as their weapon of choice, we know You can bring healing and hope O Lord. We know that You have the power to lift the dark shadow that would be cast over the lives of those who are now so afflicted and pained. We pray, O Lord, that You bring Your light and Your love to their lives, as You guide them from the sorrow and the hurt that now so grips them. Shine Your face upon them, bless them and defend them now against the wickedness and the unrighteousness that would so impose itself on them in dread and horror. Rest Your Spirit in them that though they may not find peace and understanding in this senselessness they may stand with courage and strength against it.

Draw near to us O Lord and punish the wicked in their unrepentant evil. Give unto them no respite, no rest nor comfort. Let them live in fear of Your judgment and Your wrath for the horror and the terror that they so inflict upon others. Show them that their path is not Your path and their ways are not Your ways as You look upon the sheer chaos and murder they bring with disdain. Let them never stand emboldened by the hurt and the sorrow, the misery and the pain that they bring as You set Your sights upon them. Show them their errors, show them the cost of their evil as You defend and protect from their hatred and deference to human life.

Lord, we turn to You. In these moments of pain, in these moments of darkness, in these times of sorrow and suffering we look to You. Guide us, defend us and protect us in Your grace, mercy and love. Give to us Your strength and we may endure and surround us with Your hope as we stand united with those so gripped and moved by terror. You are our courage and our preservation, stand then with us.

In the name of Your Son, our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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