Prayer: In the power of Christ is my hope O Lord

O Lord, it is Christ in whom my hope does dwell. Through Him, and Him alone, I have the power to put aside my sinful nature that damns me, that brings unto me nothing but death and destruction as my soul is lost in unrighteousness. By His love and through His sacrifice, my heart is made pure as my spirit is drawn nearer to You, reconciled in mercy and forgiveness by grace as I look past this world to the place He has made for me before Your Throne.

Draw me nearer then to You. Clothe me in Your love that nothing may wound me, surround me in Your beauty that the gloomy night may close in around me, I will see nothing but Your light shining through. Bind me in Your Spirit that no sin nor temptation may pierce me, as I stand upon the solid rock of the Gospel as the blood of the lamb is my armor and defense against every weapon Satan may use.

Though I may face sorrow in this life, though I may bear pain in this world, I put my every trust, my every faith in Christ Jesus. He is my joy and my peace, my strength and my glory, O Lord. Take me then and banish all thoughts of suffering and pain, exile all worry and anxiety. Let me look upon this life rightly as Your gift that I may, by and through Your Spirit, testify to the marvels of my Redeemer, proclaiming His light and His love unto the world that it may hear the solace and the comfort I have found in the transformative power of my Savior.

Take me and lead me, O Lord, that I may raise my voice in praise and thanksgiving for the wonders of these works and all works You have done in my life through all that I am and all that I do.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord, my Redeemer, my help and salvation, Christ Jesus, Amen.

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