Prayer: Guide me, defend me O Lord, for Your Word is truth and Your promises are my blessing

Heavenly Father, You can look in the deepest and the inner most places within me. My heart and my soul, even in their deepest of places, are laid bare before you. Nothing is hidden from Your eyes and none know my struggles and my challenges, my burdens and my temptations like You know them. Even before I can find the words to utter them You hear them as You see me from Your throne on High having been the one who created me and formed me for this life.

Even as this realization comes to me I put my trust in that knowledge and that faith as I kneel before you in search of peace and healing. I am lost, O Father, I am at a loss. There is so much that escapes me as I search for a divine purpose and a divine will in what I currently face. I don’t understand. Yet, I know that there is but one who can guide me and lead me through the confusion and the hurt that I now face, there is but one who can strengthen and defend me in the trials that are now before me. That is You, the Rock of my refuge and the Fortress of my salvation.

Take me, Heavenly Father, and cast Your Spirit upon me. In love and in mercy, in hope and in grace, take my hand now and show me the way. I may not always know what You are trying to tell me or the purpose that lays behind all of it, but I do trust You to bring me to the places that I need to be, to show me who and what, even in the times of deepest challenge, that I need to be. To You then do I yield myself, giving the power and the authority, humbly submitting myself completely, remembering the promises and the assurances You have made. Preserve me in the Redemption of Christ, and uplift me in the Spirit that where I may be weak You will make me strong, and where the struggle are before me You will carry me.

Renew me now eternally in Your Word as I rest in the warmth of that truth that encompasses my life proclaiming that I am Yours, praising the Your name for the hope and the love You have shown me in not only triumph but in trial also. In all that I am and all that I do, I give You the glory for Your will to then be done, not just when the days are easy and the challenges distant, but when they are hard and I know I cannot carry my burdens without You.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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