Prayer: Be my salvation O God

Lord God, left to my own power, left to my own nature I am but a lost sinner forever condemned by both my action and my inaction. So often in my judgments, discernments, words and speech I sin and fall short of Your glory and Your righteousness. I am nothing without forgiveness and love, without the mercy that flows from Your throne, lost forever in my guilt as I reach for the salvation that will always lay just outside of my grasp.

Yet in Christ, O God, have you made my path on high. What I am not, what I never can be, He has been for me. What I could never give He has given for me. The perfect sacrifice who shed his blood on that cross at Calvary, through grace, by faith I am saved, my own works falling so desperately short. Your Spirit, it chances my heart that I may, in sincere repentance, kneel before You in Christ’s name, praying that my sins be washed away. Take now my soul, once like scarlet, stained and tainted by sin, death and the Devil, and let it washed as clean as snow as Your Spirit uplifts me, carrying me through this dark world of trial and temptation.

I am yours, O God, save me. I am yours, O Christ, redeem me as my heart and my soul, my spirit and my every being professes that You are Lord. Pour forth Your love through my soul and let it flow through me, carrying me through to the shores of Your light and Your love. Let my life, once lost and forsaken, be a living testimony to the salvation and the redemption that comes from Your wondrous mercy and promises of grace as Your peace encompasses my life.

In You alone rests my trust, and in You alone do I put my faith for You are now, and forever the rock of my salvation and the fortress of my redemption. Praise shall forever pour from my lips for that.

In Your glorious name through Christ Jesus, Amen.

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