Prayer: You are my protection O Lord

You, O Lord, are my protection. Even as sin waged its war against my spirit, piercing my heart and my soul, through Christ Jesus You surrounded me in love and strength, as the salvation of the cross became my shield and my defense. In hope and love, You have guided my way, leading me from the lost and broken places deep within me, lighting the path before me as Your grace shines before me.

Hear then now my prayers O Lord, my Defender and my Protector. Build Your wall around me that in the trials of this world and the temptations of this life, nothing shall get through. Though I know that, in this imperfect world, sorrow will come and pain will come to knock at the door of the gates of my soul, let it not overtake or overwhelm me. Strengthen me, preserve me in Your enduring Word that I may rest upon the rock of Your promises and assurances for my life.

Let not the Old enemy come near to me. Though I know that, by my own power and by my own authority, I am not strong enough to withstand Him, my trust in You is my greatest weapon against the supremacy that He seeks to claim over my soul. Take me then, in hope and charity, and keep me in the redemption that comes through Your Son. Do not let me stray, do not let me falter in my steps, but, rather, look upon You at all times as He who rescues me, relieving me of all worry, doubt, trouble and fear.

I stand because You prop me up O Lord, and I praise Your name for it. Be now ever faithful to me that I may forever stand in that righteousness until the race is done and I am called home to You in mercy and love.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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