Prayer: Shape me in Your Love Father

In You, O Heavenly Father, is the fullness of life and the richness of eternity to which we inherit through the blood and sacrifice of Christ Jesus, who reconciled us to You even when we had strayed like the Prodigal Son, far from Your hope and Your grace. Even in a world of trials and temptations, in struggles and sorrows, You make a place for us in Your Spirit that we may be comforted in Your peace and strengthened in Your love. Nearer to us You draw, moment by moment, day by day, as You preserve us, defending us even as the challenges arise, that we may stand confident in who You are and what You so freely give to us.

Let then Your light and Your life shine through me, Father and let me be as bold in my love for You as You are in that love You have for me. Heal the broken places and find the lost parts of me, and strengthen them, giving them direction, purpose and authority to carry out Your will, in Your name, that, as I live in this World, all may know that I am of my Father’s Kingdom. Take from me all that is in me that is not of You and cast it from me, that, in humility, love, mercy and hope, I may be a vessel for the grace and compassion that You have for all people in all places.

Raise me right, O Heavenly Father. I am but a child in search of guidance. Teach me, shape me, mold me, according to who You are that I may reflect rightly Your will and Your design for my life.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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