Prayer: You are my hope O Lord

O Lord, my God, I live in a world of trials and temptations, where struggles come easily and sorrows are always waiting to knock at my door. It is a world that is, often times, devoid of mercy as hope is far removed and peace becomes a distant longing of the spirit and the soul. It can leave me feeling weak and helpless, it can leave me feeling broken and lost as I look for answers in this world and find there are none for the deeper challenges that I face.

Where then should I turn in my hope for a better future? Where then should I turn for love and compassion as I seek guidance in my daily journey? Who then holds the answers that I need as I struggle to understand, searching for wisdom in a world that is so often devoid of it?

I look to You, O Lord, my God. You are my light in the darkness, my oasis in the desert. In You is all that I seek and all that I need. Through the miracles of Your love salvation has been purchased for me in the precious blood of Christ. In the assurances of Your grace I have been called to faith despite my sinful nature through the power of the Spirit. You have taken hold of me and built Your defense around me in strength and authority, girding me in Your hope and Your mercy. What then can tear me from You as You bless me even through the struggles of this world?

Though I may live in this world, it is in You, O Lord, that I truly find life as Your light and Your glory as You give me endurance, as You give me perseverance as You fill me with Your grace and Your light. Help me, then to walk through this life, to travel through it in Your name, forever singing Your praises for the beauty of the hope that You have given me in the faith that You breathe life into me.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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