Prayer: I am Your Creation Father

Heavenly Father, fearfully and wonderfully have You made me as You formed me in love and hope. In the beauty of Your grace You have created me in Your own image as You looked upon me even while I was in the womb, smiling upon me as a Father looking upon the face of Your child. So rich are Your blessings, so wondrous are Your promises, that they encompass my life as Your mercy preserves me in Your righteousness.

Truly Your goodness follows me in Your faithfulness moves through all the moments of my life.

This world though, O Father, would rob me of that peace and the comfort that You offer to me. It would take that divine image that You have created me in and warp it into something no longer recognizable. It would take from me the feeling of hope that I have in the Christ, leaving me as nothing more than the shadow of who You have intended me to be. It would create an image of me that is shattered and broken, lost in a darkness that would surround me.

Keep me, Father, defend me and preserve me. Let Your Spirit move through me, flow through me that I may see my life rightly, understanding who I am in You. Guide me in light and in love through this world that I may withstand the trials and the temptations, the struggles and the sorrows of it. Shape me and mold me according to Your love, moving my life according to Your will and desires, never letting me be transformed by this life and this world except by faith and trust in You and Your Word.

In Your grace do I rest, in Your hope do I see myself. Blessed am I that I know You as my Creator in all that I am and all that I do. Blessed am I that You guide me and love me, carrying me through all this life’s challenges that I may forever rest in Your divine and holy image.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my Savior, Christ Jesus, Amen.

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