Prayer: You are my strength and my hope Lord

Lord God, when I am weak, You are my strength, when I am lost You are my compass. In strength, and perseverance You walk with me, guiding me in love, hope and mercy, providing for me even when I am incapable of providing for myself. Without You I am nothing, I am a sinner, lost to the temptations, to the trials, to the sorrow and the suffering of this world, caught in my own worries and doubts, unsure of so much about my own life as I struggle with who I am and what I must be.

To You I turn my life to knowing that You are forever faithful, withholding nothing that I need from me. Though I may not always understand Your ways, though Your wisdom may transcend my own understanding, I know that You have created a path for me, a way for me, one that You are leading me down. I need not always comprehend, nor do I always need to know, I just need to rest in the blessed and wondrous assurance that You are by my side in all that I am and all that I do.

Protect me and preserve me ever more in my faith, O Lord. Let me not stray nor believe the promises of this world. Keep me in Christ and bless me with Your Spirit that I may walk in Your ways, bearing every good fruit as my works and words may testify of the boundless love You have shown me, giving witness to the glory You have lifted me to in the beauty of the miracles You have worked through me and for me. Take hold of me Lord, and keep me close as I praise the wonders of Your hand forever in my life.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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