Prayer: Guide Your child Heavenly Father

Heavenly Father, no matter how far we may stray You search for us. In love and hope, You draw Your children near to You, showing us grace and mercy beyond what is deserved. In their defense You lift Your hand as You pull us close to You, never leaving them, never failing them or forsaking us. In You is our comfort and our peace, our ever present strength in a world filled with trials and temptations.

Look then now upon my life, Father. Fix your eyes upon me, Your child, redeemed in the precious blood of the lamb, drawn back to You through Him how reconciles poor and lost sinners to their Heavenly Father. I am weary from the struggles and tired from the trials of this life. So often am I overwhelmed by the challenges that rest in front of me, and I realize that, by own strength, by my own power, I cannot face it all alone. It is so much more than I can handle.

In Your assurances I pray, raise me up, lift me higher, Heavenly Father, as Your Spirit moves through me. Flow through the wounded and broken places of my heart and heal the splinters of my soul. Show Your mercy upon me, Your blessed and loved child, guiding me through the difficulties and the pain that this life can inflict upon me. Give me wisdom to discern and the sight to see rightly that I may, in Your righteousness, see the path that You have laid out in front of me in the endless hope that You have for me.

Seek me now Heavenly Father, and pull me close to you. Be now my courage and my strength as I lay it all in front of You, trusting in Your promises more than I trust even in myself. Defend me, lead me, preserve me evermore in Your love as Your child, forever purchased by the grace and the mercy You have shown to me.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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