Prayer: Take me and shape me in Your righteousness Lord

Lord, before Your feet I am but a lowly sinner, lost in my iniquity as trials and temptations take hold of me. I do not love as I should nor do I give as I can. So often are the gifts You have given squandered on me as I fall short of your glory, losing myself in vices, self-pity and my own interests. A child of flesh, I so often stumble amidst my flesh far from the righteousness and faithfulness that You demand of me.

Yet, in You, through Christ Jesus, I find the redemption that I, myself, am so unworthy of. Washed by the blood of the lamb, my hope rests not in the works of my own hand, but in the works of the Cross, in the shadow of which I dwell. In its rich blessings and its wondrous assurances do I find my hope and my strength as it frees me of the bondage and captivity to sin, death and the Devil, breaking the chains that would bind me to my own hopeless estate.

Cast then Your Spirit upon me O Lord. From the heights of Your love and mercy, let it descend upon me and encompass me in Your holiness. I surrender myself to Your power, asking that Your Spirit chase from me my old nature and all impurity and imperfection with it. Strengthen me in love, gird me in courage, shield me in righteousness that from my spirit will bloom and blossom with all good fruits meant to edify and nourish. Guide me in Your hope that I may give freely of myself, living by the example of my dear Savior in sincere and humble sacrifice for those around me, uplifting them in Your love.

In my own life and my own power I am incapable of these things. Yet, through You, I am more than strong enough as Your grace moves through me. I give myself then over to you completely, take me, shape me, and let me be but a vessel for Your divine purpose and plan.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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