Prayer: Lift me from my pit of despair O Lord

Lord, I look to my life and I see where it has gone, and I struggle. It isn’t what it should have been, it isn’t where I wanted it to be. I honestly don’t know where it ventured so far off track, I don’t know where it has gone so wrong, yet it fills me with a desperation that eats away at me. I want it to be different, and even as I feel the pain and the darkness and the hurt and the sorrow push through me I know that I need it to be different. I just don’t know where to go anymore as I look for a way out, I look for something, anything and I just feel like I am too far gone and I am sinking in my pit of despair.

Look on my face, O Lord. Look on my struggles and see my challenges. See me in my pit as I struggle to see the light and the world around me seems to be closing off. More than anything I need you as I feel myself so far removed. Abandon me not, forsake me not, show to me that Your love is merciful and Your grace is sufficient for me. Show to me Your path and Your righteousness as I look for Your hope even as everything around me seems so hopeless.

I put my trust in You, I put my faith in You, You who frees the captives and breaks the bonds of sin, death and the Devil. Look upon me now as Your child crying out for You O Lord and lift me from the depth of my despair. Open my eyes to Your truth and to those whom You send into my life as I seek Your peace and Your comfort. Grant to me Your Spirit, let It renew my heart and strengthen my soul as You give me refuge in Your boundless love. Though I have ventured far from You, though I may have strayed down this path, do not let it be my end as I turn to You, my God and my Strength. Take me by my hand and lead me once more down Your path as You heal the wounded and broken places deep within me.

Preserve me evermore in Your love and Your endurance that I may sing Your praises looking down from Your mountain to the valleys and the pits I once found myself in.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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