Prayer: Guide me through O Lord

Through Your blessed Son, our glorious redeemer, Christ Jesus, have I seen the truest nature of suffering and sorrow as He took my sins to the cross at Calvary and died as that perfect sacrifice for them. He took upon himself pain beyond that which I could ever imagine, O Lord, as He gave himself so freely for me in love, hope and mercy.

Yet, in the wondrous nature of Your power, in the miraculous nature of His authority, that suffering, that sorrow, those sins, even that death had no power that could overcome Him. In truth and in light He conquered as He declared Your power to be triumphant even in world so turned from You. In Him rests strength and courage, endurance and perseverance, not just to suffer this world but to transcend it in the grace and the peace of Your blessed assurances O Lord.

Let then Your Spirit move through me and in me O Lord, that I may take upon me the cross of Christ, knowing that, through You, there is a plan and a design that will carry me through every challenge, every trial and every temptation that this world has to offer. Where I must struggle, let me do so without complaint or anger, without bitterness or rage, knowing that though challenges, even suffering, may be common throughout this life, there is nothing common about Your love as Your grace is proven sufficient for me.

Guide me in Your love, and let me look upon the face of my Savior rightly Lord, not just as the sacrifice for my sins, but as the example for which I should live every day of my life as I give myself over to You completely. Let me love as He loved, let me trust as He trusted, as He lived by and in faith teach me to grow and live in and by my own that no matter what may come I look to You and no other. Be now my strength as I draw my strength from Christ, and uplift me forever in Your ways as You look upon me with the wonders of Your love O Lord.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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