Prayer: You are my light, illuminating me, Lord

Though this world be tempestuous and stormy, drenching us in trials and temptation, sorrows and pain, I put my trust in that which is greater. Though this world casts upon it a dark fog that clouds our judgment and makes our way harder, filled with challenges beyond that which we are prepared to handle, I place my faith in that which is stronger. Though the storms may come and cast themselves over me, I look to You, O Lord, my hope and my redeemer.

Be now my light in this dark world, O Lord. Rise in my soul like the dawning sun and shine though the depth of my being, illuminating me in Your wisdom and Your truth, revealing Your righteousness to me. Let no place in my spirit remain hidden in murky shadows, obscured by the pain and the sorrow that the clouds of this world can cast upon me. In Your radiance do I find my hope as it pours forth from You in the grace and the mercy of Your endless and boundless love. In Your warmth do I find my peace and my comfort.

I do not fear the night or the night, for You are with me, O Lord, and, in You, no darkness has power over me. In You does light dwell, and I can see clearly through all the storms Your face looking upon me. Praise be Your name for that.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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