Prayer: Wash over me, drowning my sin and guilt O Lord

Lord, God I am not strong as I should be. I am not faithful as I must be. In me the imperfect and flawed nature of humanity is given form in the sins that grip me so tightly and the temptations that come so easily. I stumble where I should walk in confidence and I stray even when I know the right path. A lost and fallen sinner I am from my birth until my death as my imperfections stare back so darkly at me.

Only through Your grace, only by Your mercy can I hope to transcend the nature of my flesh and weakness. It is only by the love of Christ and His wondrous sacrifice that I can find salvation for my lost and weary soul so often gripped by this world and that which dwells within it. It is only by Your Spirit that I can truly live a better life, that I can walk in the righteousness and the light that You, O Lord, have laid out for me.

Take me then, and drain me. Empty my spirit and my soul, empty my heart and my mind of all sin and iniquity. Let it flow from me until it is gone, and I am nothing more than an empty vessel. Then, fill me, O God, with the pure, life giving, life affirming waters of Your love and righteousness. Let it wash through me, let it drown my old nature and, with it, my guilt, my doubt and my fears, so that I overflow with You moving in me. Be now my Spring of Living Water that the sin scorched desert of my soul may grow with new life as the fruits of the Spirit blossom within me.

In You, O Lord, is an ocean of mercy, righteousness, love and grace. Let it move on me and through me until all that is left is the new creation washed to the shores of Your boundless and limitless hope for me.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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