Prayer: In Christ, guide me and teach me Lord

Heavenly Father, I have seen proof of Your great love in the life, the Passion and the Resurrection of Your beloved Son Christ Jesus given for me. In mercy, hope and forgiveness He willingly and graciously not only lived the perfect life I, myself, am incapable of living, but He offered it as a sacrifice to wash my soul stained with sin and unrighteousness as white as snow. In suffering and sorrow He took my own suffering and sorrow upon Himself and healed me in the lost and broken places of my spirit and my soul.

Cloak me in the Cross of Christ O Lord, guiding me in the life and the example that He lived that my days may be marked in humble submission to Your Word and Your will. Teach me to take my sorrows and my struggles willingly, knowing that even in the burdens I bear Your love and Your hope are there to encompass me, to strengthen me in Your grace and love. Bind me, O Lord to Your will that it may be my will and I, without question, doubt or fear, may follow the path that You have laid out before me freely and humbly, knowing that You walk beside me through all of the trials of this life.

Let Your Spirit then create a spirit of perfect submission to Your plan and Your design. Let it strengthen me, rooting me more firmly in Your perfect faith, in my faith in Christ Jesus. Let it preserve me in love that I may give openly of myself, even through my own difficulties and challenges, in the wondrous, and glorious example that has been given for me. Though nothing that I may give may truly emulate the life and the suffering and the sacrifice of Christ, through Your hand I may shine the light of my Savior in all that I am and all that I do. Form in me a heart that forever strives towards this end that I may, through Your grace, offer of myself what is right and acceptable in Your eyes.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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