Prayer: Lead me as I put my trust in You Lord

My Lord, my God, look on my face, set your eyes upon me and hear my prayers as I raise my voice to You. I put the full measure of my trust in You as You strengthen and renew me in the power of Your Spirit. Had it not been for Your love, and the salvation that rests in Christ Jesus, I would have been forever been lost to my sins and my temptations, given to death and the Devil. Yet, in You, have I found my ever refuge and strength.

Continue to lead me, O Lord. In grace and mercy continue to teach me. Through Your Word and by Your Spirit guide me in what is right, that I may look to Your will, that I may look to Your plan and Your commands and know that they are what is right for me, that they are the only things that are right for me. Lead me from temptation, and from those traps I easily fall into, those snares that seek to devour me in wickedness and sin; gird me forever in Your righteousness.

Though I may wander through this world filled with struggles for the spirit and the soul give me the endurance to run the race, and the strength to fight the good fight of faith. Fill me with Your courage that I may remain ever faithful to Your desires for me, lifting me above the weakness of the flesh with my eyes fixed on things on the divine that transcends this world. Guide me in grace, for it is only Your grace that is sufficient for me, that I may come to rest in life eternal and holy, given through the power of Christ under the authority of Your perfect love.

Strengthen and prepare me Lord, mold me and shape me, that I may live for Christ, and, when my time does come, know my death is a gain through the light and life that You have given to me.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my Savior, Christ Jesus, Amen.

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