Prayer: In Your love, by Your hand Father

Heavenly Father, by Your hand You do inspire as You call the sinner to repentance and the faithful to righteousness. Your love and Your grace moves through the lives of Your people in the hope that You have for them. Through Your hand we are guided in light as You lead us to a blessed future that rests in the promises and the assurances of Your mercy. In the lives of Your children there is none greater than You.

Take me then, Father, and move me. Renew me in Your Spirit that I may see Your will, and I may be motivated to live according to it. Guard me from sin and guide me through temptation. Lead me to a life given to a sincere and penitent heart, a life given to the example that You have laid out for me, that Christ so perfectly lived in compassionate salvation for us all. Show me Your ways and mold within me a heart and a spirit that shines with a greater and stronger understanding of what it means to truly and wondrously be Your beloved child.

I reach for Your hand, taking hold of it tightly, Father. Do not let go of it, do not let go of me, though I may seek to run off in every direction, though I may seek to follow my own path and not Yours. Keep me faithful, keep me vigilant in You, ever devoted to the love and the life that You have laid out before me. Know me now for my faults, my weaknesses, my doubts and my pains, that, in Christ, through You, I may be made perfect, not by my works but by Your merciful love.

Be now, as You always have been, the fount of my every blessing, and the source of my every strength. Prepare me for Your glory, Father, as You preserve me evermore in Your grace, peace and hope.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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