Prayer: I will trust You through all darkness Lord

Lord God, it is You who saves me. When I was lost in sin You sent Your Son, Christ Jesus, to save me. When I wandered alone, blinded by this world and its temptation, You cast Your Spirit upon me, drawing me to Your righteousness and salvation. You have heard my cries and seen my suffering, lifting Your hand to strengthen and preserve me in my every struggle.

Nothing exceeds the love and the hope, the grace and the mercy that You have shown to me, O Lord.

Even now as I feel overwhelmed, as I feel encompassed by darkness and depression, as I feel as I have been cast to the lowest and the deepest pit of my despair, I know that You walk with me. I need not fear nor doubt, because, in Your endless compassion. You will never forsake me. The trials that I face, You face beside me as You save me from the traps and the snares, lifting me higher, carrying me in the moments when I am too weak to go on myself.

You have, time and time again, shown me Your miracles O Lord, minute by minute, hour by hour, You have made Your strength known to me. As difficult as it may be, as hard as this world may then make it for me, I will put it all in Your hands, my sorrow, my pain, my suffering, my darkness and despair. I will give it all over to You in the promises and the assurances that You have made to me. I will give it to you knowing that it is too much for me to handle on my own, but that, through You, I will find the peace and the solace I need as You preserve me ever more in Your love.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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