Prayer: You are my strength as You uphold my faith

In You Lord do I find my faith and my strength, in You do my fears and my doubts drift from me as I find my hope and my encouragement. In You I will put my trust, for through the darkest of nights and the most powerful of storms You walk beside me, preserving me steadfast in Your love.

I look not to my trials, nor to my temptations, for they do not define me. In Your boundless and limitless grace, they have no true power over me. Only You, my Lord and my God, have authority over me, and day by day, night by night, You prove Yourself worthy of my love and my praise as You give so freely of Yourself to me. In all things, through all things You are my help and my refugee, drawing me nearer to You.

Uphold me then in Your mercy, O Lord. Let me not be so vain as to look upon the blessings and the strength that You have given as being mine and mine alone. Keep my heart humble that I may never come to believe that I am worthy or deserving of the miracles that have been bestowed upon me. Show me daily that I am endowed by You in love and compassion despite who am, not because of who I am, that I may magnify Your wondrous hope, upholding Your virtue and Your mercy in all that I am and all that I do.

In You Lord do I stand as Your righteousness guides me, leading me from all struggle and strife to the beauty and the majesty of Your Throne on High. Praise be Your Holy Name for all that has come to mean in my life as it carries me to life everlasting.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen

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