Prayer: Wash away my nature O Lord

Lord, mercifully hear my prayers. Through my sin, in my sin I know the distance between You and me, a distance bridged only by the love and the sacrifice of Your Son, my Redeemer, Christ Jesus. Yet, despite the boundless love You have shown me, despite the compassion and the peace You have given to me, I so often live by the example of this world rather than the example that You have set out before me. I hate where I should love, I judge where I should be merciful, I offer coldness where compassion is needed, I have shown arrogance where it should have been humility, harsh words easily escape my lips where kindness and consideration should be on them.

Through my own power, through my own works, by my own will, I will always fall short of Your glory, missing the mark as I strive to be better than I am, yet finding that it is never good enough. Only in Your love am I capable of doing more and being more, of moving past my own vanity, pettiness and self-righteousness to move past my sense in a sense of humility, love and grace.

Endow me then with Your Holy Spirit, O Lord. Let it wash over me, drowning my old nature as it fills me with a sense of Your new creation, leaving me with nothing more than the grander purpose of service to others. Let It water the deserts of my soul that the tree of Your life may spring forth in full bloom, bearing fruits to edify and nourish those around me. Let it extinguish the fires of sin that run rampant through my spirit, laying waste to righteousness and hope, as it cleanses me in Your grace and love for the works that You have laid out in front of me.

Mold me, guide me, strengthen me then that I may put behind me my sinful nature to be who You have, in Your hope for my future, intended me to be, given to a better nature than my nature itself. Do this that Your love may shine through me, not by power but by Your Holy Spirit.

In the name of my Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, Amen.

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