Prayer: Guide me through O Lord

I am filled with anxiety Lord as my days are long and I feel their stresses weigh down on me, burdening me with troubles and struggles. I want nothing more than peace but it seems ever elusive as it comes and goes from my life.

But my hope, it rises with You, O Lord. As I awaken so You awaken with me. Your strength uplifts me as it preserves me in Your love and mercy. Though I may face trial and temptation, anxiety and angst, You are with me every step of the way, reminding me that Your grace is sufficient for me. Never failing or forsaking me, I feel the comfort of Your Holy Spirit surrounding me.

If you then see fit, O Lord, take these burdens from me that I may find solace in this life. If not take me and show me how I may use these stresses and these struggles to glorify You and Your Holy Name. Let them work through me to bring me to a greater understanding, compassion and love as use me for Your divine will and design. Show me Your ways that I may rejoice even in my difficulties, knowing that, by Your hand, I am guided and defended beyond measure.

Guide me in Your ways and show me I am not tested beyond measure, not because of my strength but because of Yours as You give freely unto me in the love that Christ showed unto me even unto my salvation.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my Redeemer, Christ Jesus, Amen.

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