Prayer: When I stumble in darkness O Lord.

I stumble in the darkness O Lord. It surrounds me with a deep cloak of night that wraps itself so tight around me that I lose myself in it. I wander amidst my purpose lost, unable to see clearly. Desperation and despair come so easily and I find myself wondering when it is all going to end, and I will find freedom from this pain that just removes from me the joy of my life.

Yet when I am at my weakest and I struggle amidst my sorrow, when the darkness is all that I see, I can feel You O Lord, You are there for me, in the lost and hidden places of my spirit and my soul. When all I seem to know is the ugliness of my pain I know the beauty of Your love encases my heart, wrapping around it that even though it may break You hold the pieces together.

You are my strength and my refuge O Lord. In Your Word do I take my shelter as it is my light through the darkest of days. In its promises do I put my trust as I seek nothing more and nothing less than the comfort of Your blessed and holy Spirit in the wonders of my glorious salvation through Christ Jesus. Preserve me evermore in that grace and that mercy that though the enemy may come to wage his battle amidst me, my lips will sing Your praises louder than the lies and the temptations that he whispers like a scream at me.

Then, as I stumble and as I fall in the darkness, my eyes failing me, my soul never will as You lift me once more and guide me through, forsaking me not, leaving me not in the love that You have for me.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my Savior, Jesus Christ, who, in Your name, triumphed over all darkness and despair, showing me the path of Your light, do I pray, Amen.

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