Prayer: Slow me when I don’t understand that I may trust You Lord

I know I’m not the most patient of people, O Lord. When difficulties and struggles come to me and I find my life is just so hard to understand, when I think this isn’t the way that it was supposed to be or that this was supposed to come easier to me, I so often lose my patience as I find that I grow anxious. It becomes easy for me to lose sight and to lose a bit of myself in the struggles or the difficulties that I face.

I want to be able to sit in peace and say that I know that this will work out if I just trust in You. Yet, more often then not I tend to forget You in my moments of difficulty Lord as I rush around trying so hard to make it right, letting the worry just seem to consume me. I lose focus on You as I find myself consumed by this belief that I need an answer and I need one now, that nothing else will seem to do.

I may not always understand or comprehend how things work out, or how they are supposed to be, and, in that lack of understanding, in that lack of knowledge I may try to rely more on myself then on You, Lord. In those moments I need You to stop me. I need You to just take me in that moment and stop me, tell me that though I may not fully grasp everything at work here, You will protect and guide me through it, never failing or forsaking me. I need You not to prove that You are trustworthy in all matters of my life, but to just remind me that I can lose sight as I try to take it all on myself, and that You, better than I can handle these things I just take the time to let You according to Your will and design.

Give to me then Lord a deeper understanding of my troubles, of life’s trials and tribulations, of its difficulties and challenges that I may come to a sense of peace with not only them, but also with Your perfect timing and judgment. Take me and slow me down that I may see Your hand at work, that I may see that it is all in Your hands and I may come to a sense of peace with that, letting go that You may work Your will in my life. In those moments when I forget, or when I am so eager to it all on just take me, hold me close and show me that Your love, divine and holy, will move heaven and earth for me if I just give you that chance.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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