Prayer: Guide me from my unrighteousness Lord

Lord, I don’t always see clearly. In my sinful nature my judgment is clouded by this world and the distractions of it as seek to do what is right, but I so often find myself falling short of Your glory.

I would love to make excuses, and sometimes I even try them on myself first as I try to explain away why it isn’t my fault or why I wasn’t wrong. In those moments I try so hard to justify myself even though I know that I can’t. I was wrong, I acted wrongly and it took me down a path that I really never wanted to go down. How can that be excused or justified away even by the most liberal of uses of flawed human logic and reason?

Yet I turn to You O Lord, my strength and my redeemer that Your grace and Your mercy may come to encompass my life.

Shine Your face upon me O Lord and convict me first of my sins that I may know the cost of them, then, in the love and the light of Christ’s redemption pardon me of them. Hold me captive to Your Word and to Your judgments and free me of the bondage and the captivity to the sin and the unrighteousness of this world. Look to my life, look to my spirit and my soul and strengthen within me my heart that the trials and the temptations of this life will be set upon themselves. Teach to me discernment and give to me wisdom that I may look to what is right, not to what is easy and no longer resist it as my path and my calling in You.

Let your Spirit open my life, open my heart and write upon it the words of Your Will for me O God, that I may walk in righteousness, light and hope all of the days of my life, even unto life everlasting, in Your gracious, wondrous love for me.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my Savior Christ Jesus, Amen.

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