Prayer: Guide me in Your purpose Lord

Heavenly Father, before Your children You lay out Your plans and Your purpose for their lives. In a lost and troubled world they are meant to shine a light that cuts through darkness to lead our way. Perhaps we may not always see their natural course, or their natural end, perhaps we may not understand what they mean as we find it difficult to comprehend all that You have intended for us. Yet, in full confidence in Your Divine love, we are assured that, when we put our trust in Your plans, You will never fail us or forsake us, You will guard us and protect us, seeking us when we stray to once more bring us to the pastures of Your Holy mercy.

Cast upon me then Your Spirit and fill me then with Your direction and guide my course beloved Father. Strengthen me and preserve me in Your grace and Your mercy that I may let go of my fear and doubt, my anxiety and worry and trust You more fully, more openly to show me the way that You have laid out for me. When I question, remind me that Your promise wasn’t that it was always going to be easy, but that it would always be right, creating in me a greater understanding and a greater sense of meaning as the beauty of Your miracles encompass my spirit and my soul.

Equip me with Your love, Your hope and Your strength that I may run this race with endurance, preserved in Your grace ever more. Create in me a heart given to fulfillment that every gift and talent I have will be used for Your greater glory as I, in all humility, put Your will first, living a life committed to Your purpose above my own, motivated day by day by Your grace in utter devotion to You. Teach me, O Father, show me, guide me ever more in the wonders of Your reason that I may be not as I would be but as You would intend for me to be as I give myself over to You completely that I may become what You intended when You looked upon me in the womb and laid out Your plan for me.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who lived according to Your divine purpose, thereby teaching me to live by Your Holy plan, Amen.

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