Prayer: Guide me to more than what this world offers Lord

Lord, I have seen the wisdom and the reasoning of this world, I have looked upon the plans and the designs of it as I sought to understand it and what it has to offer to me. Yet, as I look to it I realize that it leaves a void in my life, as it rushes me through life seeking to keep me busy, seeking to keep my mind occupied as if somehow, if I am too busy to notice I won’t see just how empty it truly is. It reminds me daily that I need more than what I can be offered through this life and in this life.

I come then to You in humble submission and eager anticipation to You will O Lord. Take me, take the places where the world leaves me hollow and empty, where it leaves those voids in my life, filling me with Your pursuits. Stop me, and let me be still that I may look at the miracles You have created around me, and in me in awe of Your grace, mercy and love for me. Guide me by Your wisdom and by Your reasoning that I may be filled trust and confidence in the plan you have laid out for me and my life as You move me to where I need to go and who I need to be.

Show me Your ways Lord, guide my spirit by Your Spirit and fill me with Its hope for my life as I give to You my life that You may lead me in Your ways. Let Your purpose be my purpose as I trust more fully in You, strengthened in Your design for my life. Put aside from me all fear and anxiety, as You take worldly troubles from me that my mind can focus on Your Heavenly road. Then shall I know that, come what may, come what must I am have higher aspirations built in You, for You.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus, who bridged my path to You as he made my way to You everlasting, Amen.

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