Prayer: Be my constant strength in all change O Lord

Lord, change can be difficult for me, it can be a struggle for me as I think I finally have it all figured out it shifts, leaving me to try, once more, to understand.

I want to understand as my mind races over all of it. I find myself awake at night so often, putting the pieces back together only to take them apart once again and start over as I try to make sense of it all. It just can be so confusing as I find it just makes me wonder when is it all going to end? When am I going to find a sense of peace and rest?

You though, Lord, are unchanging with time, the same yesterday as You are today and forever. In You I find stability and consistency as You give Your love so freely to me.

To You will I look to for hope and strength against the tides of this world ever beating against the shore of my soul only to be drawn back once more. Teach me patience, O Lord, that I may, with courage, meet the challenges that arise and look upon the changes that come knowing that You have created me to run the race with endurance and perseverance. Take from me the worry and the anxiety that it causes, filling my heart with a sincere sense of wonder in the beauty of the miracles that You have created around me. Show me my blessings rather than my stresses, O Lord, and, in them, let the miracle of Your grace, mercy and peace encompass my spirit and my soul.

Let not fear, nor doubt, nor troubles, nor apprehension cause my heart to be disquieted O Lord, as You make for me a resting place in the wondrous comfort of Your unending, unchanging love for me. Be now my help, ever present, ever faithful in the promises of Your hope for me, that I may, now and forever, live not in burdens but in my praise for You.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with You in the Kingdom, one God, world without end, Amen.

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