Prayer: Guide me from temptation Lord

Lord, You see my life and You know the temptations that I face in my daily walk. They are all around me, almost seeming to constantly barrage me, sometimes new that I’ve never faced before, sometimes old that I had thought I had put behind me, as they distract me from the true focus that I should and need to be concentrating on. They move through my spirit and they wrap around my heart as seek to blind me as they engulf me in shallow thoughts, half-truths and outright lies that play off my weaknesses, and my vanity. Be they pleasurable or not they seek to remove me from Your wondrous and loving grace.

Yet You have promised that I will never face temptation beyond measure. Through Your Word I know that I will not be tempted by anything that will overcome me so long as I put my trust in You, so long as my faith in You guides my path through this race I am to run. In love and hope You promise Your protection against that of this world that would seek to rob me of my grace as it chips away at my spirit and my soul.

Give to me then the strength that I need, O Lord, that I may face every trial and temptation in the hope that You have laid out for me. Preserve me everlasting and evermore in the blessed assurances of Your timeless Word. As temptations come let me see them as they are, the enemy of the soul, that I may meet them on the battlefield of the spirit in Your full armor, ready to wage war against them. I know that it is not by my power, I know it is not by my strength that I will be able to overcome. You are the path, You are the road to my true freedom in the glorious love that You have for me. Guide me, defend me, protect me then in grace of Your mercy as I work to be more than my baser human nature in the love that You have for me.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who faced every temptation with perfect faith and humility in love for You, Amen.

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