Prayer: Guide me through failure O Lord

Lord God, I look to my life and I see defeat, I see failures where I thought there would be victories, and struggles where I had once believed that there would be success. Life, it just feels like such a disappointment at times, as I try but, even as I do, I can’t help but find that I am routed at every turn, robbing me of peace as I seem to be let down again. I want to do more, I want to be more than I am at this moment but I don’t know how it’s even possible as I end up feeling frustrated and tired, wondering to myself what’s even the point of trying anymore.

In hope and trust I lay these feelings before your feet as I kneel before Your throne O Lord, looking to the promises that You have made through Your Word. Take these feelings from me and remind me that, through Christ, I am made more than a conqueror, given to the hope and the love, to the promise of victory that You have assured me of. Show me that, even as worldly defeat may seem to rest before me, in You there is no true loss as You plan more for me.

Remind me there is a fine line between success and failure, and that what I view to be a failure could be, and often is, nothing more than a stepping stone in life to a greater design that You have laid out for me as You give me the ability to do more and to do better. Show me that though the past may teach me lessons, it doesn’t define my present nor does it dictate my future, as You lift me from the low places to raise me to new heights in the love that You have for me. Show me, guide me, teach me O Lord, that, in the boundless and limitless grace of Your unending love, I may be as You have intended me to be as I place it in Your hands.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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