Prayer: In my loneliness, help me Heavenly Father

Heavenly Father, I can’t seem to escape the feeling that I am just so lost and alone in this world. I look to my life and I just find a sense of emptiness weighs on these places in my soul, filling it with a longing for friends whom I could share in the joys and the burdens, the trials and the triumphs of life with. Because of it I’m gripped with this sense of loneliness that whispers softly in my ear that I have no one, and that I will have no one who will understand what I am going through and be there for me.

But You are there for me Heavenly Father. In the promise You have made to Your children since ancient times, You are there never failing or forsaking me, never leaving me alone to the burdens of this world or the wolves of it that would seek to devour me. That is, even as I am gripped by this loneliness, the blessed assurance that I put my hope and my trust in. Though I may not understand why I must go through these times, why I must face these troubles I will trust that Your grace will be sufficient for me even in them as You walk with me even in these times of loneliness and solitude.

As You sent Timothy to Paul, as You sent Aaron to Moses, if it be your will Lord, send to me someone I can share in the burdens of life with and who will share in my burdens with me. Let that love from that friendship come into my life to help me through the roads of this world, to help lift me when fall, to give me strength when I am weary, to show me love and compassion when nothing else seems to make sense. Remind me that I am not alone and that You will send help to me, that, in the blessed and the loving fellowship that You have given, You will shine Your light forever in my lift through the power of Your Spirit.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my savior, my ever present and constant help, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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