Prayer: Teach me self-sacrifice and love O Christ

Blessed Savior, pure and perfect sacrifice, I look to Your life and I see one given solely to love and hope as You came from on high to save a lost and fallen race. Tempted, as we are daily, to put Yourself first, to elevate and uplift Yourself, You never strayed nor did abandon our cause. You set aside all personal glory, all human ambition as You put us first, never compromising or altering Your course. In You we then see the blameless example of righteousness as boundless mercy, compassion and charity poured forth from You like a spring of life giving water to the dry and parched deserts of our souls.

Though I can’t, in my weak flesh, live the perfect life in perfect self-sacrifice that You lived, teach me daily, O Christ, to do more, to give more of myself in love and hope for those around me. Humble me and lead me from the temptations of this world that I look not to my glory but to God’s glory. Guide me by Your example, and show me what it truly means to live not for myself but for others as I seek to use the gifts that I have been given to uplift and edify in the name of Your blessed love. Let my life truly be given to emulating and imitating the divine nature of Your compassion, grace and charity that Your light may shine through it.

I know this will have its difficulties as my nature first searches for my self-interest, but I trust in You, I trust in the Holy Spirit, to take and put behind me that which may cause me to stumble and fall, that which might take my eyes from the race I have to run in Your Holy Name. Create then in me the pure heart and the deeper understanding that I need to be solely given to Your purpose and Your meaning as I live my life for in the compassion You first showed me, magnifying Your light in a dark and lost world.

In Your name do I pray these things as I put all trust in You to lead me, guide me, to teach me in Your ways, Amen.

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