Prayer: Your will, not my will O Lord

Lord God, from dust I came and to dust does my earthly body return after the toils and the struggles. No work of my hand, no sweat of my brow can change that as an earthly death always comes to the earthly body and the sinful flesh is returned to the sinful earth. Yet, where what is of this earth fades and grow weak with time, what is of Heaven is strengthened and preserved, made whole and complete in Your love and the salvation of Christ Jesus.

Be now my light, and lead me, guide me through to the end of my life, that, as the flesh returns to dust, and my earthly presence is but ash on the earth, I shall rise once more in the glory of the name of Christ everlasting.

Teach me then Lord to look upon my life as a gift from You. Let it shine forth with the beauty of Your love and the compassion of Your grace as I seek to shine forth with the hope and mercy of my dear Savior. Reconcile me to Your will and turn my heart from sin that I may strive to righteousness, offering freely of myself, not of my hand, but by Your hand, not of my name but for Your name. Lay out my task before me and give me the strength I need to take them up with perseverance and endurance, giving of myself freely, without question or doubt in the grander design of the plan that You have laid out before me.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my redeemer, Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with You in the Kingdom, one God, world without end, Amen.

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