Prayer: Help me meet a new week Lord

Lord, even as it begins I can feel the stress of another week as I look to everything that needs to be done and I wonder if I’m going to have enough time to get it all done. At times it can all seem to be a bit overwhelming, it seems like it can be a bit much, especially as those things I didn’t account for seem to come out of nowhere demanding time and attention that I just don’t have. It’s not so much that I know I won’t make it through it, I know I will, it’s that all of the things pulling at me in all different directions will take its toll.

Give me then the patience I need to meet the challenges and the stresses of my everyday life as I try to remember that I can only accomplish what it is possible for me to accomplish, and that worrying about it, letting myself get worked up about it, doesn’t do anything but make it worse. Give me the strength to carry the load that I have without complaint. Show me that, though it may be heavy at times, You are there sharing in it with me that it doesn’t completely overwhelm me. Finally, I pray, give me the wisdom to slow down and take in the beauty of each day that You have created for me. Remind me that, regardless of what may be going on, each day is a precious gift from You meant to be seen for the miracles that it has for me.

Though the days can be filled with stress, and new struggles may arise I know You are with me, giving to me, shining Your light and Your love on me, and, for that I will be grateful as You show Yourself to be my ever present and ever faithful help. Thanks be for that.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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