Prayer: Teach me to forgive Heavenly Father

Heavenly Father, I look to the forgiveness that, through the sacrifice of Your Son, Christ Jesus, You have shown to me, and I know the gratitude in my heart that I feel for it. I know the joy in my spirit that it has brought to me as it took the sins that stained my soul and washed me as white as snow. Yet, in my own life, I don’t always offer the same love, the same compassion and mercy that You first showed me. I am so often quick to anger and slow to forgive. I find it easy to hold a grudge, to let the bitterness of a sin against me take hold of me as I remain unrelenting in the anger that it brings. Letting go of the hurt is something that just doesn’t seem as simple as it should even as I look to the example that Christ offered me.

I see this in myself and I pray to You. Open my heart and my mind and create in me a forgiving spirit. Teach me to let go of the bitterness and the anger, the hurt and the pain that can so grip me and keep me from forgiveness. Show me the hope and the peace that comes with understanding that I need to let go of the hurt that others have caused me to truly move on and grow in my life. Allow me to see past the moment, and know that, with forgiveness, I take away the power of hurt, betrayal, pain and sorrow to define who I am and how I am going to react, as I am shown a better way and a better life.

I look to You, Heavenly Father, for the strength I need, for the courage that I need to make my faith strong enough and my heart big enough to make me capable of repaying good with evil, and hatred with love, just as Christ did before me. I look to You, Heavenly Father, for the healing that I need to take the wounded places in me that stop me from forgiving, that hold me back from moving on, that I can be the person that You intended for me to be in the love, compassion and hope You want me shine unto the world around me. I put it into Your hands, mold me, shape me, teach me, that, for as hard as it may seem and as difficult as it may seem, I may be guided in forgiveness, and love all the days of my life.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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