Prayer: Give me a willingness to serve Lord

Gracious God, I know that You love a gracious giver, someone who offers of themselves without complaining, using their gifts to magnify Your blessed name and help those around them. I also know that I am not always a gracious giver. I find some reason why I just can’t manage to do it as I let my own interests and my own wants come before the needs that You show me are out there. I sin by what I leave undone in my daily life as You call me to do more with what You have, in Your love, blessed my life with.

Take me then God, and mold me according to Your will. Let Your Spirit come upon me and transform me according to Your divine purpose as It creates in me a willing and right heart, one that shines with Your love and Your light. Let Christ, who gave so freely of Himself in grace, mercy and love, be my compass and my guide as I offer of myself according to how You call me. Enlighten me, and fill me with Your compassion and Your wisdom that I may serve gladly without complaint as to the tasks that You have laid out for me.

Protect me from an ungrateful and selfish heart that seeks to keep all and offer none in return. Strengthen me against a condemning spirit that offers judgment and condemnation rather than hope and peace. Build in me a soul that is as gracious and loving to others as You have been to me. Then shall Your works be magnified in me as I am made complete and given wholly over to Your plan and Your will for my life.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who came and offered all of himself for a lost and sinful people, giving without ever asking, Amen.

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